Renewable energies become the bet with which to deal with pollution and the depletion of resources. Solar energy is increasingly used thanks to the installation of photovoltaic panels both in public works and in private homes. Wind energy is another of the ecological sources that offer great applications. This has been used since ancient times to power ships, and today it is mainly used to produce electricity through wind turbines grouped in wind farms that require rigorous maintenance to make the most of their capacity. Geothermal energy obtained from the heat of the subsoil is another of the most used, but obtaining it implies a greater economic impact.


At VPN SOLUTIONS S.A.C we are dedicated to the installation and maintenance of KU, C Band satellite dishes, video surveillance - cctv and automatic gatekeepers for communities. Since then, we have characterized ourselves by offering a specialized, fast and efficient service designed to continuously and permanently cover the needs of our clients.